Call for Proposals: Kahrs Award for SYE Research | St. Lawrence University Global Studies

Call for Proposals: Kahrs Award for SYE Research

Attention Global Studies Majors!

Call for proposals for the Alfred “Fred” Kahrs Award

***Deadline for proposals: Tuesday, March 29th***

What is the Fred Kahrs Award? A competitive award designed specifically to fund research leading to completion of the Global Studies senior project (SYE).

Who is eligible? Global Studies majors who 1) are preparing to do research for their senior project (SYE) and 2) have not already received funding under the Kahrs Award.

How do I apply? Applicants are expected to discuss their project with their advisor and/or the department chair and to review the departmental learning goals (which are listed on the department website).  Applicants must submit their application as an attached file to Dr. Madeleine Wong, Chair of the Global Studies Department at

When is the deadline?  Deadline for Spring 2016 to do research over the summer is Tuesday, March 29th at Midnight

The application must include the following details for your proposal (Note:  Do NOT exceed the word limitations specified):

  • Name of student: 
  • Class year:
  • Title of research proposal (15 words):
  • Research question (40 words):
  • Brief summary of research background and purpose in relation to applicant’s SYE (200 words):
  • Conceptual framework - appropriate GS theoretical debates (100 words):
  • Positionality and preparation (previous course work, experiences and connection needed for relevant travel (150 words):
  • Research design, methods and feasibility (150 words):
  • Ethics and human subject issues - indicate your plans to submit an IRB proposal for this project if any research with human subjects is part of the proposal (50 words)
  • Tentative travel itinerary and timeline for research project:
  • Budget and justification for funds requested:
  • Brief list of sources (bibliography)