Fiona Morgan lecture: Local Stories to Build Community Power | St. Lawrence University Global Studies

Fiona Morgan lecture: Local Stories to Build Community Power

Friday, September 21, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Winston Room
Student Center

If ever there was a moment journalism needed public support, it is now. But historically, journalism has not done a great job of letting the public in, and that weakness is now putting an essential function of our democratic system in jeopardy. Nowhere is the danger greater than in local communities, where the absence of conventional reporting by legacy outlets is having real financial and civic consequences. A more democratic approach to journalism -- in producing local news and engaging with it -- is essential to reviving and transforming the Fourth Estate, thereby preserving and strengthening our communities. In this public lecture, Fiona Morgan, a journalism and engagement consultant, will share examples of locally sourced, community-rooted projects from the across the country and reflect on how we as citizens can use the powerful tools of reporting to strengthen the ecosystem of local civic information.

This lecture is the kickoff event for the St. Lawrence Citizen Journalism Incubator, a joint project of Weave News, North Country Public Radio, The Hill News, and Nature Up North. The SLCJI is supported by a generous Innovation Grant from St. Lawrence University.