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Young Alumni Committee

St. Lawrence University continues to engage its young alumni audience of the last 15 years with a series of programs, events and appeals.

As a Young Alumni Committee member, you're encouraged to connect with and re-engage fellow classmates about the importance of participation with the university at any giving level. Along with the committee chair(s), you will collaborate as a respective class to increase alumni participation with a concise and impressive message through various communication platforms. Elevating participation among young alumni only enhances the benefits for current and prospective students, as well as alumni, in the future. It is an exceptional opportunity to play an integral role in supporting your class and St. Lawrence University.

The responsibilities of a committee member are:

  • Make a annual gift to the St. Lawrence Fund by June 30. We encourage members to make their pledge before December 31 to serve as an example for other committee members and classmates.
  • Contact 5-7 classmates per semester - via email, phone, social media, etc. - and encourage them to support St. Lawrence with a meaningful gift of their choice. Preparatory materials will be provided by the Office of Annual Giving.
  • Conduct follow-up correspondence (email, phone, etc.) in the spring with classmates who have outstanding pledges or have yet to give.
  • Promote regional young alumni events with classmates and fellow alumni in the area.
  • Provide updates about events, contests, goals, the importance of participation and staying connected with peers through the use of Facebook and other networking vehicles.
  • Assist Annual Giving staff with updating contact information (i.e., email, cell phone, addresses, etc.), since young alumni re-locate more frequently.
  • Focus on educating young alumni about the importance of giving back to St. Lawrence.
  • If necessary, participate in conference calls throughout the year to discuss progress and suggestions toward reaching specific goals.

For more information, contact Dennis Morreale, Associate Director of Annual Giving, at or (315) 229-5321.


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