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The St. Lawrence Fund

The St. Lawrence Fund is a dynamic annual giving fund that serves as the bridge between tuition and our endowment.

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It provides a steady flow of income that enables the University to anticipate and respond to the needs of our students in a rapidly changing and challenging world.The fund keeps St. Lawrence nimble, providing critical resources for new and emerging projects, special services, and unique opportunities as they arise.

Gifts to this fund are used immediately to provide scholarships, support new academic initiatives, foster creativity, facilitate internships and experiential learning, enhance diversity, champion ingenuity, support innovation and discovery, and increase academic research. They help us sustain our vibrant liberal arts culture and offer a more profound educational experience so that every student can reach their full potential.

The hallmark of any successful institution is its ability to adapt, change and grow. Offering tangible, real-time solutions for our students' most pressing needs helps us achieve the highest levels of academic excellence and national recognition. Our agility sets St. Lawrence apart from other universities. It’s the difference between simply being well-equipped and world-class.

The St. Lawrence Fund allows us to spend money on improvements to the technology, faculty, and facilities that impact our students now.

The reason is simple — ambition won’t wait.

Why should you support the St. Lawrence Fund?

Every Student Benefits

Tuition doesn’t cover the full cost to educate a St. Lawrence student. The roughly $5 million that the Fund provides helps bridge the gap.

Your gifts directly support competitive salaries and benefits that enable St. Lawrence to attract and retain exceptional faculty. With small class sizes and student-faculty ratios, faculty can engage students in active learning, discussion, field study and research.

You Benefit

As participation and annual giving increase, enabling us to provide more support, the quality of a St. Lawrence education, and thereby its reputation, increases. With that, the value of your diploma, or your child’s, increases.

Alumni often give in honor of their class or affinity group. Particularly in a reunion year, class giving plays an important role in motivating alumni to stretch their giving.

Giving to St. Lawrence is a critical indicator of commitment to the University. When you participate in the St. Lawrence Fund, you are giving the University your vote of confidence. It’s one way of showing your pride in St. Lawrence.

College guidebooks such as U.S. News and World Report and Barron’s and Fiske use alumni participation rates as the sole criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when rating colleges. The higher our participation rate, the higher our ranking, and the easier it is to attract the best students.

Why do I need to make a gift every year?

Gifts to the St. Lawrence Fund are spent in the same year in which they are received. They aren't put into a "rainy day" account for future needs. That means they need to be replenished each year.

We do it together

Individual gifts of every size from alumni, parents and friends provide more than $5 million in annual support that has a direct and immediate impact on every student. More than 8,000 alumni, parents and friends support this dynamic fund every year.