Kelly '69 and Chiarenzelli '81 lead Colorado Plateau Trip | St. Lawrence University Geology

Kelly '69 and Chiarenzelli '81 lead Colorado Plateau Trip

Alum John Kelly (’69) and faculty member Jeff Chiarenzelli (’81) once again teamed up for a spectacular road/camping trip to the Colorado Plateau. This is the 4th trip co-led by Kelly and Chiarenzelli and it covered everything from the geological highlights, resource extraction, life in an arid climate, the work of the CCC in the Henry Mountains, ancient southwestern cultures, and, no kidding, watermelons.   Highlights of the trip included the Powell Museum in Green River, the San Rafael Swell, Capital Reef National Park and the Waterpocket Monocline, the Henry Mountains, Lake Powell, the Grand Gallery and Goblin Valley, and Comb Ridge and Butler Wash, and most of all, the End of the Road Ranch on East Elk Creek.  The students participating, shown here at the fire pit on Lieutenant Kelly’s ranch, included (left to right) Eliza Potter, Austin Clark, Katie Borello, Sally Sgarlata, Sandra Walser, Pete Moutevelis, and the international man of mystery, Alex Avolio.