The Geology Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Jennifer Gifford to St. Lawrence University.


Ph.D., 2013, University of Florida

M.Sc., 2008, University of Florida

B.Sc., 2005, Syracuse University


I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Geology at Syracuse University in 2005 and traveled to the University of Florida to work on a Master of Science degree.  My Master’s thesis was titled “Quantifying Eocene and Miocene extension in the Sevier hinterland in Northeastern Nevada”, and it included Ar-Ar Thermochronology on micas from the Ruby-Humbolt core complex which I completed in 2008.  I continued on to earn a Ph.D. in Geology also at the University of Florida in 2013.  My dissertation was entitled “Precambrian crustal evolution in the Great Falls Tectonic Zone”, and it included zircon geochronology and whole-rock isotope geochemistry on crustal xenoliths from volcanic diatremes as well as basement outcrops within the Little Rocky Mountains.

My current research investigates the origin and evolution of the Great Falls Tectonic Zone, and the role it plays in the amalgamation of Laurentia.  I am interested in continuing research into the tectonic evolution of Laurentia.  I currently have 40 new xenolith samples from central Montana, collected in the course of my Ph.D. field work, and have already some preliminary work completed on them.  I am currently developing collaborative research with the University of Florida to investigate the origins of these samples, and expand the coverage of high quality geochronology and geochemistry in the Great Falls Tectonic Zone.  I am also interested in broadening my research base into the Precambrian Adirondacks and the Canadian shield, as well as researching the age and structure of the Grenville orogeny as it can be viewed in New York State.  


Fall 2013:

GEOL350N: Structural Geology w/ Lab

GEOL110A: Environmental Geology

GEOL103: Dynamic Earth Lab