Dr. Husinec runs workshops for petroleum industry | St. Lawrence University Geology

Dr. Husinec runs workshops for petroleum industry

Antun Husinec, professor of geology, was invited to run multiple sessions for 80 petroleum geology professionals from the US and Canada at the 2019 Williston Basin Core Workshop. The events were held on October 7-8 and October 9-10 at the Wilson M. Laird Core and Sample Library in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Each session provided a walk-through of core samples and relevant geologic information covering many of the productive sedimentary units within the Williston Basin of North Dakota, the 2nd largest petroleum province in the USA in which 19 different rock formations have commercially produced hydrocarbons.

Dr. Husinec’s sessions focused on the Red River, Stony Mountain, Stonewall, and Interlake petroleum plays examining their reservoir facies, petroleum source beds, and hydrocarbon seals in both core and wireline logs in order to foster the development of new play concepts.