Accessibility for CVD Students | St. Lawrence University Geology

Accessibility for CVD Students

Madeleine Frank ’19,  Erkan Toraman, and Student Accessibility Services

Around 8% of males and .5% of females deal with some sort of color vision deficiency (also known as “color blindness”). This means that at St. Lawrence University there are around 100 students who are dealing with this daily. Color vision deficiency (CVD) can make succeeding in class more difficult, especially in the sciences and arts, where color is often an integral part of learning. With this Innovation Grant, coordinators will purchase Enchroma glasses that optically remove certain wave lengths of light to make color vision possible for people with a deficiency. However, these glasses are expensive, and the average student may not be able to afford them. Student Accessibility Services will provide these glasses free-of-charge on a loan system. Then, when a student knows that they might need to distinguish color in a chemistry lab, for example, they can check out a pair of glasses for the afternoon.