2017 Jamaica Field Course

Eight Carbonate Sedimentology students participated in the Jamaica field trip to Jamaica. A trip ran by Dr. Antun Husinec and supported by Richard Wright ’88, focused on the geologic and environmental aspects of tropical marine carbonate settings, and the Cretaceous-recent sedimentary record of Jamaica. Topics included pre-Holocene platform sediments; bauxite deposits; carbonate platforms and sea level changes; modern tropical carbonate depositional environments, including inland lakes and ponds, lagoons, nearshore subtidal environments, and coral reefs; modification of carbonate sediments by organisms; and major sediment producers.

Student participants were  Elvis Agyemang ’17, Alexander Avolio ’19, Parker Densmore ’19, John Fisher ’17, Peter Moutevelis ’17, Meg Musser ’18, Alaina Ring ’19, and Stoddard Rowley ’19.