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Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer

$15K stipend

Position Announcement: Applications are due no later than April 19, 2013

Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer

Background:  The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is a consortium of organizations working together to conserve the natural, cultural and recreational resources of the Nanticoke River watershed. The mission, goals, and objectives of the NWA are developed by consensus with our partnership.  Partners include organizations and businesses from Maryland and Delaware including representatives from agriculture, industry, environmental, business, community, state, local, and federal governmental organizations.

Responsibilities:  This is a one-year stipend volunteer position with the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance made possible through the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  The Corps Volunteer will work directly with NWA staff to help administer the various programs of the Alliance.  Projects include a variety of efforts targeted at watershed restoration, public outreach, and monitoring:

  •  Assisting with the development of an elementary and secondary environmental education program, focused on meeting local environmental literacy requirements, including teacher workshops, field days, outdoor learning experiences, action projects and more.
  •  Assisting with the implementation the Lower Shore Stewardship Institute, a program that educates residents in the Nanticoke Watershed and surrounding area on issues of conservation/stewardship in order to develop volunteer leaders for Eastern Shore communities.
  • Assisting with access and education related to the Nanticoke River Water trail, a portion of the John Smith Trail.
  • Working with Nanticoke Creekwatchers, a citizen science volunteer program that serves to monitor water quality in order to identify potential restoration projects and to engage watershed residents.
  • Assisting with the facilitation of homeowner educational workshops, focused on water quality and stormwater best management practices (BMP).
  • Working with residents and partner organizations to perform oyster restoration on the Nanticoke River.
  • Working with watershed communities to implement watershed restoration projects identified by county/state Green Infrastructure maps and the Nanticoke Watershed Management Plan, including rain gardens, rain barrels, and/or living shorelines. Potential projects include a stormwater backyard BMP demonstration park, to serve as a tool for outreach and education on BMPs
  • Assisting with the implementation of public outreach efforts with attention to the Alliance's environmental diversity initiatives.
  • Developing public outreach and education materials, working with volunteers, and attending events aimed at environmental stewardship and the importance of the Nanticoke River.

Training and Benefits:  Corps Volunteers receive a stipend of $15,500, administered by the Chesapeake Bay Trust, and access to health insurance.  Chesapeake Bay Trust will provide an orientation to the Chesapeake Conservation Corps program purpose and structure, as well as six training experiences during the service year,  including energy conservation, environmental restoration, leadership, and environmental education. Chesapeake Bay Trust will also provide admission into the Chesapeake Watershed Forum, a Baywide conference with ample learning and networking opportunities. Corps Volunteer will receive grant writing experience and
plan, implement, and manage a project of their own through a $1,250 minigrant offered by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

The Corps Volunteer will receive work skills and training in restoration best management practices such as rain garden and living shoreline installations, water quality monitoring techniques, performing community outreach, professional writing and public speaking, non-profit operations and management, event planning, partner development and fundraising.

With a staff of three, there will be ample opportunity for the Corps Volunteer to be an integral, highly-participatory member of a dedicated team.  Corps Volunteer will work directly with NWA partner organizations and gain professional contacts through various networking opportunities. They will learn the inner workings of a small non-profit conservation organization and will be given the opportunity to truly take ownership of their work as well as understand how it fits into the overall conservation efforts of the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance.

Qualifications:  The preferred candidate will possess and demonstrate excellence in the following areas:  verbal and written communication, computer skills, problem solving, leadership, public speaking, and commitment to the Chesapeake Bay.  Experience in website development, graphic design or GIS is a plus. A background in science or the environment is not required, although the candidate should have an interest in these areas and in other conservation issues. Candidates must have reliable transportation and a valid driver's license.

Start Date:    August 27, 2013

To Apply:    Applications and more information on the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program is available here:

Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program <> .

For more information about the position or to submit your resume in advance (recommended), contact Lisa Baird at 410-443-8878 or