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William Vielhauer Biography

William Vielhauer
Class year: 
Ogdensburg, New York
I volunteer for various local charities and national campaigns advocating for anti-human trafficking

What drew you to the minor?

I originally wanted to work in non-profit and advocate for anti-human trafficking campaigns. So I believed that this department would have the closest topics to study relating to that subject. But after taking my first gender and sexuality course with Mahrou Zhaf, I started to realize how much this department related to me and in fact was teaching me about myself as an individual. As a North Country native, I never had lgbtq resources that allowed me to understand privilege and who I am as a person, it is not talked out in our high schools in the area.

What are some of the most important things you have learned so far?

I believe that understanding privilege is the most important topic I have learned about. As a society, we take our privileges for granted and never actually realize how fortune or unfortunate we are until we relate ourselves to others.

How will what you have learned help you once you graduate?

I believe that I will be able to advocate more for those who are unable to be heard. Particularly for students who identify as LBGTQ in the North Country area school districts. For the past year I have been working with Professor R. Danielle Egan to provide LGBTQ ally training in North County area high school faculty, staff and students, who do not have resources or action plans to create a safe learning environment for all.