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Brandon Studler

Brandon Studler
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Gender & Sexuality Studies
Brant Lake, NY
Activities/ Clubs: Previous Vice President then President of LGBTetc (now Spectrum), Previous Vice President of Advocates, co-coordinator of the Queer Peer Mentoring Program, public speaker and lecturer to faculty, staff, and students for Ally/Sensitivity Trainings as well as Trans 101 Trainings, aided in co-presenting with ACR Health to multiple audiences in the Canton community as well as on campus, guest lecturer with Kelly Metzgar for Planned Parenthood Staff Training day in Canton, on committees to plan past 2 annual Pride Weeks at St. Lawrence. Writer and Coordinator of Donated Devices Grant at St. Lawrence (Implementation Spring 2017). Praxis Project(s): My first praxis project was working as a summer Public Policy Research Intern for Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a non profit organization working to “affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right” ( I continue to work for Woodhull today, on their Family Matter’s Project, researching and writing about issues, laws, data, current trends and more concerning all types of families with a focus on Domestic Partnership Registries. My other Praxis was writing about controversial topics concerning transgender peoples experiences. One article I wrote about was about the lack of research on trans people who experience eating disorders, and the association of body dysphoria and body dysmorphia.

 What drew you to the minor? I took the class Gender & Society 101 my freshman fall and have been hooked ever since.  It is not uncommon to refer to gender and sexuality studies courses are exemplifying the phrase "the personal is political, and the political is personal".  For me I found myself through the minor, learning not only the everyday aspects of the ideologies but also the theoretical and abstract sides as well.

What are some of the most important things you have learned so far and how will what you have learned help once you graduate?  For me in combination with my major of Sociology, Gender & Sexuality Studies gives a unique perspective on my positionality in the world.  That I am more than just an individual free from influence, but rather that my individual and personal complexities that make me who I am are a result of macro and micro level influence, behaviors and norms that shape our society. Having this understanding makes me qualified for the fields that I hope to pursue with the ability of having a deeper understanding of our social systems and how they influence our social systems of family, education, family, education, family,government, religion and more.