Aaron Bushey-Hansen

Aaron Bushey-Hansen
Aaron Bushey-Hansen
Global Studies
Gender & Sexuality Studies
Sheldon Springs, VT

    Being involved with the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at St. Lawrence has allowed me to better grapple with the complexity and interconnectedness of gender and sexuality with other rigid categories of difference (race, class, religion, etc.) and to recognize the role society plays in the construction of one’s identity and to question how one is to negotiate one’s way throughout life. The courses offered in this program allow you to critique these social processes of oppression and exclusion, to better understand your relationship with society, and to be the impetus behind positive change for a better tomorrow. In my endeavors, I hope to raise awareness of the diversity within sexuality and gender identity in order to speak out against the marginalization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals. My primary focus of research concerns the promotion and creation of queer-positive spaces as forms of public goods centered on the foundation of equality and non-exclusivity. Within these spaces, individuals of the LGBTQ community can be feel safe and liberated from heterosexism, homophobia, gender identity conformity, and other various forms of oppression society has prescribed for them rather than living their lives in silence.