Mothing Project: Artists' Lecture | St. Lawrence University Richard F. Brush Art Gallery

Mothing Project: Artists' Lecture

Monday, September 28, 2020 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Day 1, Week 2

The lecture by artists Wendy DesChene and Jefff Schmuki will contextualize the project and the experience participants are about to have. They will tailor the talk to our audiences, but it adds to the understanding and excitement for the upcoming events. For younger audiences, the talk will focus on the moths themselves: what they look like, interesting facts, and other fun but important information appropriate to get them excited and engaged with their own back yard. For college students and other community members, the talk will be tailored to sustainability issues and methodology, as well as why moths are important as pollinators. The lectures will contextualize the project within the history of art and how working across disciplines has influenced the artists’ work. 

Events during Week 2 (September 21-24) are geared toward SLU students and adults, though all are welcome.  The Zoom meeting ID is 4432259372.