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Coordinating Organizer


Sara is an assistant professor of Environmental Studies, receiving both her undergraduate and masters degrees in Zoology and Toxicology from the University of Guelph, Ontario.  Sara completed her Ph.D. in planning at the University of Waterloo, Ontario and is advising graduate students there.Since 1999, Sara's research has been collaborative with NGO, government, First Nation peoples, and private landowners examining cumulative impacts to amphibian, reptile, and turtle populations in the Great Lakes and the South Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.  Projects include long term amphibian population monitoring, wetland restoration and rehabilitation, road ecology, alien vertebrate species mitigation, agricultural eco-toxicology, landowner stewardship, community outreach and education. In the last couple of years Sara has been traveling to China each spring to teach Chinese Environment and Business students environmental studies, to investigate amphibian and reptile research opportunities, and to explore main land China.