The Wonder of Winterland: Our Relationship to Winter

Spring 2017

FRPG 2094
Instructor: Karl McKnight
Meeting Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday 10:10 to 12:50 p.m.
This course fulfills the FYS general education requirement.

If you have a pair of hiking boots, snow pants, warm gloves, coat, and hat, and you like taking short hikes on cold North Country wintery days, this course is for you!  If that sounds unpleasant, you might want to read another description. In this course, we will examine the natural history of winter and the human place in winter season. We will track mammals and listen to birds (hence this course meets for a longer period to allow for a lab component). We will review how plants, insects, amphibians, fungi, mammals, and birds survive a North Country winter. We will also read about human emotional and spiritual responses to winter. We will hike on snowshoes enough to experience cold and wind so as to better articulate our own responses to winter. We will practice observing and writing about winter in a scientific style. We will also write non-fiction essays, poems, a newsroom report, and a short story. Our final project will be a collaborative effort to create a book, the Atlas of Winter.

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