What’s So Great About Outdoor Education? Huh? (CBL)

Spring 2017

Instructor: Devin Farkas
Meeting Days/Times: Tuesday 10:10 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. and Thursday 10:10-1:10 p.m.
This course is equivalent to a 100 level Outdoor Studies course and fulfills the FYS general education requirement.

This class will count towards the Outdoor Studies Minor and will include a CBL component. Students are required to participate in two (2) extended outdoor experiences. There is one mandatory weekend trip organized specifically for this FYS. Students are required to arrange with the instructor to participate in one other trip provided through the OP over winter break, mid-semester break, or spring break. 

The term Outdoor Education (OE) has been applied to a wide range of programs including international service learning expeditions, white water rafting trips, high ropes course sessions, geology or ecology field trips among others. Advertising pamphlets are littered with terms like character building, leadership, and environmental stewardship. A perceptive critic, however, might wonder: how does an environmental steward reconcile the carbon footprint of transporting their class great distances; does cheering-on a peer to climb higher instill confidence or just strengthen the imperative to listen to peer-pressure; or, what does taking students outside offer that the classroom does not? In this FYS, students are expected to engage in non-traditional classroom exercises, many of which will take place outside during the winter months. These exercises will give students first-hand experience with current OE practices. The course’s CBL component, volunteering in local schools, will give students first-hand experience with current practices in more traditional education. Research, discussions and first-hand experience will give students the tools needed to critique outdoor education and to find if it has a place alongside more traditional education. The capstone project for this course is to design and implement an outdoor education program either at SLU or at the CBL site. (CBL)

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