Smarter Living: Cultivating a Mindset for Well-Being | St. Lawrence University First-Year Program

Smarter Living: Cultivating a Mindset for Well-Being

What personal choices will you make during your time at SLU to promote, for the rest of your life, your well-being?  New research shows that decisions made during the adolescent and college years may have great implications for well-being later in life. Will you be prepared to deal with college life and the responsibility of making decisions?  This class will help you develop the habits to flourish as you live on your own for the first time. Significant time will be spent focusing on the foods we consume and evaluating changes that can be made to improve our overall nutrient intake and, ultimately, our general health. Other factors that can impact our future well-being, such as physical activity and stress reduction, will also be explored. During the course, you will read a variety of texts, as well as undertake a series of written and oral assignments and group projects to foster a critical understanding of the development of personal values that will promote healthy decision making for a lifetime of well-being. We will also share our knowledge of nutrition and wellness with members of our community.

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