Peace Begins with Me (CBL)

By spending approximately two hours a week at local, off-campus social service agencies, students will enrich their exploration of our course’s core questions:  What does "peace" mean?  How might we, even in our everyday lives, help to create a culture of peace and compassion?  We will read about peace, non-violence, and compassion and consider moral doctrines advocating alternatives to violence.  We will scrutinize examples of nonviolent social and political movements and consider advice for resolving conflicts from the interpersonal to international levels and building a positive peace. Experiential components of our course will have us practicing mindfulness and meditation and engaging in other contemplative exercises as a means for achieving focus, self-understanding, and personal tranquility as well as compassion for and peaceful relationships with others. This course includes an experiential learning component known as Community Based Learning (CBL). The CBL component will require students to participate in a community placement, outside of class time, on a weekly basis throughout the semester; on average students can expect to spend up to/at least two hours per week in the community. [CBL]

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