Organizing for Change: Power, Agency and Resistance (CBL)

2017 Fall

Police brutality, access to healthcare, and the gender pay gap have directed public attention to the problems of systematic racial and gender oppression. But how do we create change? How can oppression be challenged? Can knowledge of social identity and notions of power shape social change and create resistance to oppression? Through experiential learning, students will have the opportunity to critically reflect on how constructs of identity and social systems influence change. We will consider how a recognition of norms can be used to heal and resist oppression that emerge in our everyday interactions.

For this course, students will become actively involved in their local communities to reflect on the process of change and how resistance challenges social norms. Students will choose from a list of community agencies to civically engage with through service, where they will reflect and connect how social change is fostered. Prior to fieldwork, students will dive into an analysis of identity through self-reflection and critically explore how perception shapes an understanding of the world. (CBL)  This course fulfills the FYP general education requirement.

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Richard Lauer
Visiting Assistant Professor
Karen Kus
Adjunct Faculty
Gender Studies
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Carnegie Hall, 312