Impactful Leadership: Theory and Practice (CBL)

What makes a good leader? Are the traits of leaders inborn or learnable? Throughout the course, we will explore leadership theory and discuss how it applies to real life situations in our ever-changing world. This course is meant to help current and aspiring leaders gain a better understanding of effective leadership and to provide the tools necessary to bring out leadership qualities in all students.Topics we will explore include self-confidence, motivation, vision, integrity, and overcoming adversity. Clear communication through public-speaking, prose, or modern media is essential to influencing others and we will focus on it in group and independent projects. Students will get to practice their leadership skills through in groups in the community (last year’s students worked with schoolchildren, senior citizens, adults with developmental disabilities, and local organic farmers). This course includes an experiential learning component known as Community Based Learning (CBL). The CBL component will require students to participate in a community placement, outside of class time, on a weekly basis throughout the semester; on average students can expect to spend up to/at least two hours per week in the community. (CBL)

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