Festival Winners (2014)

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 FY Cup Festival Winners!


Overall Winners (8 Events + Photo Contest):

1st Place: Reiff (140 points)

2nd Place: Brown (130 points)

3rd Place: Romer (120 points)

Specific Events Winners:

Alma Mater: (1) Buys; (2) Clark; (3) Manley

Banner: (1) Manley; (2) Heaton; (3) Buys

3v3 Basketball: (1) Brown; (2) Holmes

Volleyball: (1) Plaisance; (2) Ford

Scavenger Hunt: (1) Priest; (2) Plaisance; (3) Reiff

Trivia Competition: (1) Reiff; (2) Green; (3) Sprague

Puzzle Pickle: (1) Gaines; (2) Manley; (3) Holmes

Tug of War: (1) Brown; (2) Campbell

Photo Contest Winners:

My Road to SLU: Abby Alford, Brown

My New Room: Megan Eagan, Romer

Matriculation: Jeanmary Aray-Freites, Sawyer

My FYP: Emily Sturtevant, Pomponio

First Favorite Spot: Nikita Johnson, Reiff

Dana: Jeanmary Aray-Freites, Sawyer

New Friends: Tie- Vina Smith-Ramakrishnan, Reiff & Megan Kellogg, Reiff

Exploring the NoCo: Bubacarr Fofana, Clark

FY Cup Kickoff Festival (double points): Bridget Ireland, Brown; Josie Emmanuele, Romer; Adey Adams, Romer; Liam Donnelly, Reiff; Micaiah Bradley/Jalissa Perez, Buys