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ROTC Scholarship

ROTC Scholarship Recipient Financial Aid Packaging

The following policies refer to students who have been awarded ROTC Scholarship (full tuition, stipend, and textbook allowance) resources directly from the U.S. Army or U.S. Air force.

ROTC full tuition scholarship recipients qualify for SLU grant/scholarship equal to the cost of a standard double room and the standard meal plan less any Federal, state or other outside awards that may be used for room and board. 

If a SLU merit recipient, the SLU merit level of scholarship may be reduced to avoid an over award situation.

If a SLU merit recipient, part of the merit award may be used for costs beyond those covered by the ROTC scholarship (full tuition, stipend and textbook allowance) but the merit award may be reduced to avoid an over-award situation.

The ROTC textbook allowance and monthly stipends are resources included with financial aid award packages.