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Federal Aid to Native Americans

Federal Aid to Native Americans (Bureau of Indian Affairs - BIA Grant)

To be eligible for consideration a student must: 1) possess one-fourth or more Native American blood and be certified by their Tribe, 2) be a member of a Tribe, 3) be enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) on a full-time basis in a program which will lead to a four-year degree, and 4) have a definite financial need after all other sources of financial assistance have been applied.

Application forms may be obtained from a liaison office of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. The application deadline is July 15 for the fall semester/academic year and October 15 for students beginning their studies in the spring semester. Please note that students should first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must reapply for Federal Native American aid each year and must meet certain academic standards to continue to receive the grant. You can review additional information at Bureau of Indian Affairs.

New York State Native American Aid:

To be eligible for consideration, students must be an enrolled member of a New York State tribe who is attending, or planning to attend, a college in New York State and is a New York State resident. Awards are made to all eligible applicants. There is no qualifying examination. Awards are available for two, four or five-year programs.

Eligible and/or certified Native American students are eligible to receive grant awards of up to $2,000 per year for up to four years of full-time study (five years for specific programs requiring five years to complete degree requirements). Students registered for less than 12 credit hours per semester will be considered part-time and will be funded on a prorated basis.

Applications must be postmarked by July 15 for the fall semester, by December 31 for the spring semester, and by May 20 for the summer session. There are no fees for submitting an application. Students must apply for each semester (not annually).

Specific eligibility criteria, information and applications may be found at the New York State Education Department, Native American Education Unit.