Paying Your Bill and Financing Options

The following billing information is provided for a quick reference. For complete information regarding this topic, please refer to the University Catalog.

Fall semester is billed in early July and spring semester is billed in early December, with payment due by August 10 and January 10, respectively.

Tuition and fee payments to St. Lawrence University may be made in cash or by check. Payments may also be made online via electronic check at

All charges must be paid on the respective August 10 and January 10 due dates. Charges for summer sessions are due the day of registration. Charges for graduate courses will be billed
mid-month for the courses you registered for within the past 30 days. Delinquent balances after these due dates are assessed interest of one percent per month.

The University has a time payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems ( which allows payments for undergraduate tuition and fees pertaining to the regular academic year to be made over a period of time up to one year. The plan does not carry a finance charge, but does require a $60 enrollment fee. Information about this plan is mailed to students in June.

There are also numerous financing options available for educational expenses. Many lenders have several products to assist families with the expenses not covered by financial aid. St. Lawrence University will send a partial summary of these options to students during the summer prior to the start of the academic year. If you would like this information earlier, please contact the financial aid office at 800-355-0863 or 315-229-5265.