Message from the Director

If you’re considering St. Lawrence, you likely know that we have a strong commitment to financial aid; over 97% of our students receive some form of aid.

I’d like to share another perspective to let you know how we invest in your education. While the current comprehensive fee estimate is $66,646 per year, St. Lawrence spends over $84,700 per student per year. So even if your family is fortunate enough to be able to afford the full comprehensive fee, you’re receiving an education that has a value over $18,000 more than you pay. And, if you receive financial assistance, the difference between your cost and our value is even larger. How do we do this? Each student gets a benefit made possible in large part by the worldwide network of graduates who want you to have the same great experience they had. They believe in St. Lawrence so passionately that a large number make generous gifts to the University every year. And why do our alumni love St. Lawrence so much? If you talk with any graduate, you’ll hear the same answer: St. Lawrence University is a place that cares about each individual who enrolls, and we keep caring, because we believe our students are Laurentians for life.

That means we work very hard to make sure each student has everything he or she needs for the best experience possible. We have over 69 majors and we encourage you to design your own major if it’s not already in our catalog. We have international programs in 20 countries, and over half our students study abroad. Our students study, live and thrive on one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, with over $200 million invested in our facilities in the past decade. We have a generous and highly respected program in funded student research. The alumni I mentioned? They’ll bend over backwards to help our students locate internships and career leads. The Class of 2015 had a 96.9% placement rate.

“What is it with St. Lawrence alumni?” we’re often asked. “There’s not a more loyal group of college alumni anywhere.” That’s because our alumni felt like they mattered in college and after college, and that’s a value beyond measurement.

I welcome your questions and promise you that we at St. Lawrence will do everything possible to help you plan your St. Lawrence education in the most responsible and affordable way.

Patricia J.B. Farmer
Director of Financial Aid