2020-2021 Financial Aid FAQ | St. Lawrence University Financial Aid

2020-2021 Financial Aid FAQ

When will I get a bill? The initial Fall 2020 bill was released on July 28 with a due date of August 28.

What will my tuition be? Tuition for students enrolled full-time (four courses per semester), whether that student is on campus or taking classes remotely, remains unchanged. Tuition for each semester is $29,165.

What are the other directly billed costs? Room, meal plan, and other billed expenses are listed at the link below from the Student Financial Services web site. 


What happens to my financial aid if I enroll in a semester taking all classes remotely or in summer semester III, both of which have a lower cost of attendance compared to the standard cost of an on-campus semester? Need based St. Lawrence Grants will be adjusted on a percentage basis using the lower cost of attendance and FAFSA results. Please note that some adjustments are currently underway now as financial aid staff are informed of the term changes. Therefore, the initial billing statement may not reflect these adjustments.

Is the Summer Semester (Semester III) really going to cost less? Because Semester III students will be in residence less time compared to fall and spring semester students, room and board charges and fees for the Summer 2021 semester will be prorated. The comprehensive fee will be $34,357, consisting of tuition ($29,165), room ($2,720), board ($2,330), student activity fee ($137), and class dues ($5). Financial aid for the 3rd term will be calculated using the same percentages of grant as we use normally, but based on the lower cost.

How will my aid work for the year? Financial aid will be determined for full-time students based on the two semesters when they will be on campus. For students who study remotely and who are enrolled full-time (those taking a full semester’s course load) financial aid will be available and will be calculated on full tuition and fees. Need based St. Lawrence Grants will be adjusted on a percentage basis using the lower cost of attendance and FAFSA results for those semesters with a lower cost (remote and semester III).

What happens to my scholarship if I am studying remotely? Merit aid will remain the same for students studying remotely, but need-based aid will be calculated on the actual cost of attendance and FAFSA results.  Note that total aid cannot exceed cost of attendance, so in some cases merit aid may be adjusted to avoid an over award situation.

I am an international student; may I retain my SLU scholarships if I am taking classes remotely in the US or from my home country? Yes, as long as students are enrolled full-time (four courses per term).

I am not enrolled in the fall. When will my aid award letter be ready?  Packages for those beginning in January should be ready in September once the fall term aid is distributed.

How will work study and campus employment work this year based on all the changes?

1.  Students enrolled on campus can work on campus.

2.  Students enrolled remotely but living in NYS can work remotely.

3.  Students enrolled remotely but not living in NYS cannot work.

4.  Students not enrolled in the semester cannot work.

5.  When classes move online after Thanksgiving, students can work remote from off campus through finals week.