Instructions for Inputting into Budget Module | St. Lawrence University Finance

Instructions for Inputting into Budget Module

Login Instructions

Start in the SLU Portal:

  • In the Employee Links tab, click on the Colleague link
  • The Colleague Welcome page will open in a new tab - Click the BEGIN button
  • Disable Pop-up Blockers or add Colleague as an exception to the Block List
  • A warning received the first time Colleague is run on a machine - Select Always trust...and Click Run
  • The Colleague LOGIN page will open in a new window
  • Enter your Network UserID and Password (credentials you use when you first boot up computer)
  • Click the LOGIN button
  • Colleague will take some time to initialize, run supporting software, and start your session
  • A tour is offered the first time a user logs in
  • After you have taken the tour, click the Don't Show me Again
  • Then click the Close button
  • The main Colleague window opens
  • Navigation is typical of Web based applications, with Tabs for drop down menus, drop-down selection boxes, and buttons to perform actions
  • Click on the Navigation tab
  • Drop Down the box where it says Application and select CF
  • Then click Budget Management - BU


  • Approximate 20 minute Activity Timeout - NO WARNING
  • Be careful with SAVE ALL
  • Be even MORE careful with CANCEL ALL


Two Primary Screens

  • Responsibility Worksheet Line Item - RWLI
  • Detail Worksheet Report - DWSR

Double-click to select menu item

Asked to select the budget you wish to work on - enter the name of the budget or inset {...}

{...} will result in a list to select from

Once the budget has been selected, select the Responsibility Unit you wish to work on

  • Only those you are responsible for will be listed.
  • If you are responsible for only one unit, it will go directly there.

The Line Items in the Responsibility Unit are displayed

  • New amounts may be entered in the Basic Amount column
  • Revenues and other Credits must be negative

Data displayed in columns may be changed

  • C1 = Original Budget (current budget)
  • C2 = LRE
  • BA = Budget (next year's budget)
  • $ and % are differences between this year and next year
  • Other options are either -0- or not useful


  • Internal and External Scroll Bars
  • Click on a cell to Select
  • Enter or Tab may be used...may have different action

Entering Line Item Amounts

  • Only the next year's budget may be changed
  • Displayed as BA (Basic Amount)
  • May be in any of the columns

Entry Options

  • Replace Amount
  • + = increase by $ amount
  • - = decrease by $ amount
  • + or - a percentage change
  • Type Over replaces the $ amount
  • Totals and comparisons recalculate automatically

Justification Notes

  • An online notepad is available for justification or other notes
  • Click any of the "Detail" icons on the same line as the GL Number that you wish to notate
  • Enter text one line at a time in the Justification Notes Section
  • Save and Update returns you to the previous screen

Work-In-Progress Note

  • Comparison column is updated
  • Totals are updated
  • Flags indicate line amounts that have changed (c) OR Justification (j) has been entered
  • Save & Update


  • Select Detailed Worksheet Report - DWSR

You are asked to select the Budget you wish to work on.

  • Enter the Name or {...}
  • Select the Budget you wish to report

Once the Budget has been selected, select the Responsibility Unit you wish to report

  • Only those you are responsible for will be listed
  • May delete Responsibility Units you do not wish to report
  • Save and Update to continue
  • Change the Output Device to Hold/Browse File Output
  • Save and Update
  • Execute in Background Mode?  always select "N'
  • Save and Update
  • Click Finish
  • Select "Export PDF"
  • Font size should be set to 8
  • Orientation should be Landscape

Alias Assignment

  • Allows an alternate user to work as the Budget Manager
  • Select BAAS from the menu
  • Then Select Budget ID
  • Assignment screen appears
  • Do you wish to Assign or Reinitialize - "A"
  • Select ID of the Budget Officer you wish to work as.  You will only be shown the ID of those who you can be an Alias for
  • Save & Update
  • Will assume the rights of that Officer for the current session
  • Logout or Reinitialize to resume your own identity
  • Click Update

Deadlines - Rolling Schedule Dependent on Level

  • March 1 - Date entry window opens on all accounts
  • March 4-8 - Budget training sessions scheduled
  • March 15 - Window closes (due date) for first level of accounts
  • March 22 - Window closes (due date) for second level of accounts
  • March 29 - Window closes (due date) at VP level - due to Budget Office

Other Resources

This Year Actuals

  • Colleague
  • Access through WebAdvisor (SLU Portal)

Budget & Financial Planning Page

  • Alphabetic Chart of Accounts
  • Numberic Chart of Accounts
  • Colleague Account Structure
  • Object Code Definitions
  • Revenue Object Codes