Filmmaking at SLU | St. Lawrence University Film and Representation Studies

Filmmaking at SLU

St. Lawrence University supports student filmmaking by providing a general equipment bank from which students can check out cameras, tripods, dollies, lights, shoulder harnesses, and a tripod crane. The NCAT provides a space and editing software support (Final Cut). Video-Making courses are dual-listed between the Art Department and the Film and Representation Studies Program. Faculty often sponsor filmmaking projects as Independent Study Projects.

The Film and Representation Studies Program sponsors two video making competitions each in year. In the October 24 Hour Video Making Competition, four-person student teams are given a theme and have 24 hours to make a short video. Each Spring the SLU Student Film Festival provides a venue for students to show their work. The Milo Award is given for the best overall work.

2010 24 hour competition winnerThe Date - Ted Blewett, Greg McDonald, Drew Twitchel and Mykael Goodsell-Soothoo
A short film about the perfect date that went wrong.

2010 SLU Film Festival Milo Award Winners:   The Last Cavalier - Charles Johnsmeyer and Sean McKenna
The story of a young man’s fantasy produced out of hesitation, love and jealousy.

2011  SLU Film Festival Milo Award WinnerThe Goodman - Collin Henderson 
A story of self-discovery on a college weekend.

Other 2011 Festival awards:

Best Satire:  Alma Mater, Old St. Lawrence. - A.J.  Blaisdell
A satirical university admissions video that highlights the many characteristics of interest to SLU's potential incoming freshmen.

Best Cinematography:  Broken - Miriah Atwood
A short film about a young heroine who after a devastating breakup falls into a deep depression.

Best Short Film:  La Dolphin - Edward Blewett
The tragic story of fidelity and jealousy surrounding a dolphin set against the alluring environment of the French countryside.