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Film and Representation Studies


The study of film is by nature interdisciplinary.  Faculty from across campus teach a variety of courses:  on Australian, Chinese, and German film; on Kubrick and Tarantino; on documentary filmmaking, experimental cinema, and music video.  In the longer history of film and the shorter history of digital media, issues of representation and identity have loomed large, and to study film and media is to delve into thorny questions of nationality, ethnicity, race, class, gender, and sexuality—and how those are represented (or not) on screen. 

While many of our courses emphasize film history and criticism, some focus on production, and some are hybrids.  The Newell Center for Arts Technology provides equipment for film students to use, and supports both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, and an active student film club encourages student filmmaking on campus. 

Some of our students work for University Communications, getting paid to practice their craft while at SLU; our graduates have gone into film production and graduate school, as well as simply taken their skills in digital media with them wherever they are employed.


Brook Henkel, Assistant Professor of German and Film Studies, recently published a peer-reviewed book chapter titled “The Einstein Film: Animation,...