List of Presenters

Schedule and List of Presenters

  • Oral Presentation Session I
    Eben Conference Room – 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Charles Finn, Global Studies (John Collins)
Contested Histories and the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Understanding the Aboriginal Struggle with a Settler Colonial State

Louise Holdridge, Performance & Communication Arts (Jennifer Thomas)
Physical Theatre: Beyond Movement

Hannah Kingsley, English (Caroline Breashears)
A Tale as Old as Time: Disney’s Modernized Approach to Happily-Ever-After within Beauty and the Beast

Eliza Koso, Tanner Fellow, Multifield
Intern at Youwei Library, China

  • Poster Presentation Session I
    Eben South – 10:15 am – 11:15 am

Katelyn Bates, History (Neil Forkey)
The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project

Taylor Goldman, Public Health (Kari Heckman)
A Community-based Approach to HIV in Kenya: Healthcare through the Home

Samiya Haque, European Studies (Juraj Kittler)
The Myth of Venice--Differences between the Normative Ideal and Reality

Olivia Hess, Performance & Communication Arts (Jessica Prody)
New President, New Media: Social Media in the Face of Trump

Hyung Seon (Jennifer) Kim, Performance & Communication Arts (Erik Johnson)
Foodways of the Korean Diaspora: Kimchi’s Role in Family, Nation, and Diaspora

Liz Landry & Drew Houx, Environmental Studies (Jon Rosales)
Deliberate Practice, Climate Change, and the Future of Nordic Skiing in New England

Jesse Lowell & Nick Zachara, Environmental Studies (Jon Rosales)
Climate impacts on Alpine Skiing and the effects on Downhill Winter Sports Athletes

Marissa Nati, Public Health (Sam Byrne)
Healthy Connections: Empowering Students through Local Networks

John Quinn & Jacqueline Dufour, Environmental Studies (Jon Rosales)
The Effect of Climate Change on Hockey Player Development

Vina Smith-Ramakrishnan, Tanner Fellow, Anthropology & Public Health (Mindy Pitre)
Social Determinants of Maternal Health in Tribal Communities of the Nilgiris

Alison Spasyk, Government (Jillian Jaeger)
Racial Bias in the Investigation of Discrimination Complaints Sent to the EPA

  • Oral Presentation Session II
    Eben Conference Room - 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Dylan McDonough, Performance & Communication Arts (Katie Murphy)
Space Travel: Is it worth it?

Poonam Sidhu, Philosophy (Laura Rediehs)
Caring in Moral Education through an Intersectional Lens

Kelly Wendt, Philosophy (Jeff Maynes)
Emotion and Reason: Reevaluating their Relationship

  • Poster Presentation Session II
    Eben South - 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Jillian Andrews, Performance & Communication Arts (Jennifer Thomas)
Audition Portfolio

Micaiah Bradley, SLU Fellow, English (Alvin Henry)
Historicizing Beauty: Understanding Gender and Sexuality in Angela Carter's "The Tiger's Bride" through Screenplay Adaptation

Brian Boon. Global Studies (Madeleine Wong)
A Shift in Ideologies: The Rise of the Freedom Party of Austria

Anna Carpenter, Education (Esther Oey)
Outdoor Orientation Trips: A Predictor of College Connection

Maeghan Connor, Global Studies (Jayantha Jayman)
Uncovering Paradise: The Impoverishment of Communities in the Adirondack State Park, New York + Watamu Marine National Park, Kenya

McKenzie Deno, Religious Studies (Kathleen Self)
The Honored Dead: Sacralizing the Tomb of the Unknown Solider

Rian Falcon, Global Studies (Madeleine Wong)
Blaxit: A Black Exodus to Discovering Roots and Routes-The Politics of Identity for African American Expats

Lucy Hochschartner, Government (Jillian Jaeger)
Differences in Climate Action: Comparing Justice and Mainstream Environmental Organizations

Zara Martin, Performance & Communication Arts (Jessica Prody)
Whiteness as a Globalized Commodity:  A Genre Description Based Rhetorical Analysis of Skin Lightening Commercials in Japan, India and Ghana

Hannah Merriam, Economics (Sahar Milani)
Determinants of Fishery Innovation: An Empirical Study

Gabrielle Smith, Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (Alexandra Sarhanis)
Small Town Revitalization: A Case for Canton, NY

  • FYS Research Exchange
    Owen D. Young Library - 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  • Class Presentations
    Various Campus Locations – 1:45 – 3:15 pm

Hepburn 111:  1:45 – 3:15 pm

Wyatt Adams, Peace Studies Capstone Seminar (Laura Rediehs)
Potential Nonviolent Strategies for the Antifascist Movement

Lydia Bouricius, Peace Studies Capstone Seminar (Laura Rediehs)
Nonviolent Action in the Age of the Internet

Elise Haan, Peace Studies Capstone Seminar (Laura Rediehs)
Communication as a Mechanism for Change: Campus Dialogue Confronting Racial Issues

Ivy Raines, Peace Studies Capstone Seminar (Laura Rediehs)
Nation Building: Engaging Youth in Libya post Arab Spring

  • CIIS Research Grant Recipient Presentations
    Carnegie 10: 2:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Thomas Allerton, Travel Research Grant
Experiencing the Ancients: Greece and Rome

Jeanmary Aray Freites, Travel Enrichment Grant
Women as Political Actors in the Thailand Insurgency

Mackenzie Burns, Travel Enrichment Grant
Buddhist Temples in Southeast Asia

Amber Dindorf, Travel Enrichment Grant
Management of Community Forests in Dharmsala, India

Floor Fiers, Travel Enrichment Grant
Cultural Exploration of London's Theater and Film Scene

Benjamin Fishbein, Travel Enrichment Grant
Buddhist Temples in Southeast Asia

Madeleine Frank, Travel Enrichment Grant
Broadway in New York City

Samiya Haque, Travel Enrichment Grant
Moorish Influence on Andalusian Architecture

Augusta Jerez, Travel Enrichment Grant
Analyzing Street Art in Berlin: How Street Art Gives Voice to People and Sparks Change

Kaitlin Songer, Travel Enrichment Grant
Comparison of Fishing Culture and Management and the Impacts on Seafood-based Diets of American and New Zealand Cultures

Sonja Wolke, Travel Enrichment Grant
A Photographic Study of Organic Forms in Gaudi's Architecture