Sustainability | St. Lawrence University Facilities Operations


In May of 2006 the St. Lawrence Board of Trustees approved the student drafted Environmental Resolution which made environmental sustainability a core university value.  In this document sustainability was defined to include environmental awareness, environmental education and sustainability in daily operations of St. Lawrence.  In May 2011 the Board of Trustees approved the Climate Action Plan

Facilities Operations continues to improve the sustainability of our campus through changes in our daily operations, our yearly capital process and our long term planning (Facilities Master Plan).

Highlights of our efforts include:

Administration Office: strategic rental of vehicles (better mileage vehicles to longer trips); using energy saving mode on the copier; turning off lights and computers when not in use
Buildings Services: assisting with the reuse initiative (getting unwanted goods to the University thrift store); encouraging good recycling behavior; working toward effective green cleaning products
Grounds Services: increasing low-mow zones on campus; continuing to reduce pesticide use on campus (currently only used on athletics); moving toward greater food scrap composting; transiting to alternative fuel vehicles (hybrid and low speed electric)
Skilled Trades: reuse of scrap building materials for certain campus projects; installation of energy efficient lighting; installation of hydration stations to encourage reusable water bottles  
Utilities and Energy Management: Investigation of renewable electricity and heating sources and the maintenance of central heating plant for maximum energy efficiency