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Laurentians Learn with Dr. Precious Hall

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In partnership with the Alumni Executive Council, the University presents "Laurentians Learn," a series of webinars aimed at expanding learning opportunities from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents on important and interesting topics.

Bridging the Divide: Understanding Differences in Public Opinion with Dr. Precious Hall, Assistant Professor of Government

Dr. Precious Hall is excited to present on differences in public opinion in the United States. We all have opinions based on a variety of factors, but what exactly does this look like? From the Silent Generation to Generation Z, this talk will discuss the differences in public opinion amongst various groups. Come ready to understand how different generations and different races and ethnicities view subjects such as equality, freedom, justice, and religion and just how much of a ?game-changer? the pandemic has been. This talk is meant to help provide context for how different groups view these important subjects, with the hope of bridging what many perceive to be great divides. This talk hopes to serve as a foundation for opening the space for meaningful dialogue and conversation to make us all more invested in our communal citizenship.


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