Lo spazio bianco poster

Carnegie 10 International Film Series – Lo Spazio Bianco

- Carnegie 10

In honor of the diversity of films from around the world and homage to the indispensable Cinema 10 series of Potsdam, the Department of World Languages, Cultures & Media, and the Language Resource Center are pleased to present: 

A single mother is forced to play a waiting game on the survival of her new baby in this drama from filmmaker Francesca Comencini. Maria (Margherita Buy) is a woman in her early forties who feels uncertain about her direction in life; she is relocated to Naples and found work as a teacher, but still is unsure what to make of her career or surroundings. Maria begins dating a man her age, Pietro (Guido Caprino), but the relationship falls apart when she shares the news that she is carrying his child. Maria is nervous about becoming a mother, a situation not helped by a short-lived affair with her doctor (Gaetano Bruno). Her anxieties are put into even sharper focus when her baby is born two months premature. The newborn's health is fragile, and Maria finds herself spending much of her time at the hospital, watching over her baby daughter in an incubator, wondering if the child will live or die and if she will ever feel the maternal attachment has always expected. Lo Spazio Bianco (aka The White Space) was an official selection at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival.

Language:  Italian with English subtitles

Date: Wednesday, September 22

Place: Carnegie 10

Time: 7 to 9 pm

We hope to see you there!