Seven students pursue European Studies independent study SYEs

Seven students completing the European Studies minor are undertaking independent study SYE projects this semester:

Pete Clancey, "The lingering effects of communism on the Czech Republic after 1989" (Elun Gabriel)

Holland Davis, "The Sovereign Debt Crisis: Why the Actions of the EU and the ECB Have Been Ineffective" (Alan Draper)

Danielle Lanphear, "An Investigation of Female Genital Mutilation in London, England” (Judith DeGroat)

Lauren Reed, "Living Abroad in Redon, France" (Judith DeGroat)

Lily Rougeot, "The Siesta in Spanish Culture" (Martha Chew-Sanchez)

Jess Venezia, "A. S. Bayatt's _Possession_ and the Problem of Independence and Interdependence in European Women's Writing" (Elun Gabriel)

Jordan Walker, "The Northern Irish Peace Process before the Good Friday Agreement" (Elun Gabriel)