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Student Bios

Portrait of Lizzie Landry
Major(s): Environmental Studies and Psychology

Because of my love of the outdoors, St. Lawrence University was at the top of my college application list.  The Adirondack Mountains are nearby, so climbing and paddling opportunities abound...

Portrait of Sydney Kahl
Major(s): Environmental Studies-English
Minor(s): Outdoor Studies

St. Lawrence has been a great place for me to pursue my interests, especially in the field of environmental studies. Canton, New York is close to the Adirondacks, which has served as a fun outdoor...

McKenzie and turtle
Major(s): Environmental Studies
Minor(s): African Studies

               Two of the reasons I was drawn to St. Lawrence University was the outstanding science programs and amazing study abroad opportunities. After...

Anna Kowanko
Major(s): Environmental Studies and Sociology
Minor(s): Asian Studies

Anna’s interests in environmental studies were kindled by attending a high school in the Adirondack Mountains in Keene Valley, NY that composted food waste, served great local food in the...

Katie Spring
Major(s): Environmental Studies and English

Katie was drawn to St. Lawrence for its welcoming community and incredible study abroad program.  During the fall of her sophomore year, Katie studied in the Adirondack Semester, which opened...

Brendan DeMelle
Major(s): Environmental Studies and Sociology

St. Lawrence’s double-major option, extensive study abroad program, and proximity to outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities in the Adirondack region were immediate attractions for Brendan....