Thoin Begum | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Thoin Begum

Image of SLU alum Thoin Begum

Class year: 
Environmental Studies-Biology
Professional Position: 
PhD Student in Environmental Health Sciences


Since earning my combined B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies, I have been working on getting my M.S. in Environmental Health Sciences at University at Albany, SUNY. My thesis examined sources of phthalates, a plasticizer, exposure among couples undergoing infertility treatment. I am now expanding on that work by investigating how phthalate exposure might be affecting treatment outcomes. I have had a rich experience in the Environmental Health Sciences M.S. program. In my first year, I investigated particulate dispersion and examined the time varying levels of bioaerosol at a wastewater treatment plant to better understand exposures potentially affecting workers and local residents. I am collaborating on a project where we are using quantitative data on the emergency department admissions and visits to examine both the short-term and long-term mental health effects aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the elderly population. Currently, I am focusing on research in the field of maternal and child health as I prepare for the PhD program in Environmental Health Sciences at University at Albany.