Jessica LaMay | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Jessica LaMay

Jes Lamay

Class year: 
Environmental Studies/Biology
Professional Position: 
World Wildlife Fund - Supply Chain Researcher


Jessica LaMay ’18 is an alum of the Environmental Studies and Biology departments. While at St. Lawrence University, Jessica was a Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Sara Ashpole and completed two capstone projects in conservation biology. Following graduation, Jessica interned with Nature Up North before moving to Washington, DC for graduate school. In 2020, Jessica completed a Masters in Global Environmental Policy from American University’s School of International Service where she built an integrated understanding of environmental challenges, politics, and policy. During graduate school, she was a Research Assistant for an anthropologist and studied on exchange at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Jessica’s Masters capstone research and fieldwork was conducted in Costa Rica, where she studied the environmental and human health impacts of pineapple monocropping. The research culminated in a co-authored publication in Princeton’s Journal of Public and International Affairs, titled “Politics of Pineapple: Examining the Inequitable Impacts of Southern Costa Rica’s Pineapple Monocropping”.  

Jessica now works at the World Wildlife Fund on Private Sector Engagement team as a Supply Chain Researcher. In her role with WWF, Jessica conducts analyses of environmental, social, and supply security risk associated with the production and procurement of agricultural commodities to inform partners in the private and financial sectors. Thanks to the Environmental Studies program, Jessica says she was able to gain foundational knowledge of the interrelationships between natural science and social systems, both developing her passions and kickstarting a career as an environmental and conservation professional. The combination of a bachelor’s in science and a liberal arts degree from St. Lawrence University has been critical to Jessica’s early professional development.