Elizabeth (Lizzie) Landry | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Landry

Portrait of Lizzie Landry
Class year: 
Environmental Studies and Psychology
Portland, Maine

Because of my love of the outdoors, St. Lawrence University was at the top of my college application list.  The Adirondack Mountains are nearby, so climbing and paddling opportunities abound.  I knew that my passion for being in the outdoors would flourish and prosper at St. Lawrence University.

Over my time at SLU, I have chosen to have a combined major in Environmental Studies and Psychology.  This major has allowed me to connect the study of the psychological benefits of outdoor activities with recreational opportunities. 

I expanded my experience by working as an intern at the Environmental Studies Department’s Ecological Sustainability Landscape (ESL) in the summer following my sophomore year.  I lived at the Sustainability House with six other students where we learned healthy living habits through hands-on farm work.  At the ESL, I designed and managed the outdoor classroom along with a peer for the use of faculty, staff, and SLU students.

Over the spring semester of my junior year, I studied in Valparaiso, Chile.  During my semester abroad, I developed my Spanish language skills and was fortunate to travel along the coast to beautiful areas like Patagonia and the Atacama Desert.  Studying and traveling in South America broadened my recreational perspective and appreciation for the outdoors.

For several semesters, I’ve worked as a student office assistant for the Environmental Studies department. Through this work experience, I have gotten to know the professors and staff better. 

Working towards a degree in Environmental Studies/Psychology at SLU has provided me with immeasurable life skills and tools that I am very grateful for.  Because of my studies and experiences, I feel more confident and ready to tackle life’s challenges and make a positive difference in the communities where I will be living in the future.

Lizzie hiking