Learning Goals | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Learning Goals

  • Gain capacity to analyze and evaluate how human activities influence the environment on local, regional and (and/or) global scales
  • Understand the underlying scientific basis for existing and emerging environmental issues
  • Utilize interdisciplinary approaches appropriate for the complexity of environmental issues and their solutions
  • Learn how the scientific understanding of environmental issues is translated into environmental policy and be able to assess the effectiveness of those policies and their implementation.
  • Understand the evolution of environmental thought in North America as a basis for the contemporary  environmental movement
  • Recognize justice and sustainability as key elements in environmental decisions and understand the patterns of unequal responsibility  for environmental  degradation
  • Develop the capacity to conduct research and communicate findings to enhance public understanding  and to contribute  to environmental problem-solving
  • Cultivate a personal environmental ethic that includes advocacy for environmental stewardship