Faculty Collaborators | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Faculty Collaborators

Jon Rosales: Professor Rosales uses the LL to perform forest evaluations with his Once and Future Forests class. Rosales previously installed a nursery of transplanted trees at the site, but is now leaning towards letting the site's woodlands regenerate on their own. He has also helped students use the LL as a setting for senior year projects. One such project featured an art installation representing corporate carbon cap and trade.

David Murphy: As an instructor for the department's Energy and the Environment course, Professor Murphy uses an on-site windmill and solar array to research passive systems of renewable energy.

Sara Ashpole: Along with students in her Ecological Restoration and Global Amphibian Decline courses, Professor Ashpole monitors different ecosystems within the LL (wetlands/streams, woodlands/meadows) and wildlife populations in order to assess environmental health and promote stewardship. As an instructor for the FYP course 'Eggplant, Ecosystems, and Entrepreneurship' and FYS course "Green Cities: Growing a Community", Dr. Ashpole's students engage in the local food community and utilizes food grown with the LL's garden for class dinners. 

Peter Pettengill: In his Recreation Management Class, Dr. Pettengill uses the LL's poriton of the Saddlemire Trail to discuss trail design and interpretation with students. 

Kate Cleary: Students in Professor Cleary's agroecology courses use the LL garden to research different styles and patterns of crop planting and how those approaches affect crop yields and local biodiversity. In the fall of 2018, Cleary and her students inaugurated the LL's seed bank in partnership with artist Rachel Jones, a visiting professor in ceramics and drawing.