Courses | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies


The environmental studies department gives students a broad understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems.

The aim is to provide specific knowledge of the relationship between traditional disciplines and environmental studies. The program also hopes to foster an integrated and coherent approach for environmental problem solving. To meet such objectives, the curriculum includes courses listed with other departments of the University as well as in particular areas of environmental studies.  Many courses focus on the study of rural issues both inside and outside the classroom, to make maximum use of the University’s location.





Frequently Taught Courses



 Current Courses

 Sara Ashpole


 Landscape Ecology
 Restoration Ecology
 Global Amphibian Decline
 Transboundary Wildlife Conservation

 Samuel Byrne

 Environmental Health   

 Health Effects of Pollution
 Environmental Epidemiology
 Natural History of Infectious Diseases

 Aaron Iverson


 Sustainable Agriculture

 David Murphy


 Energy and the Environment
 Renewable Energy
 Energy Life Cycle Analysis

 Peter Pettengill   


 Recreation Management & Public Lands
 Recreation Policy and Planning
 Recreation Research and Monitoring Impacts 
 Foundations of Environmental Thought  

 Jon Rosales

 Climate change

 Climate Change Policy and Advocacy
 Global Change and Sustainability
 Once and Future Forests
 Adapting to Climate Change