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Safety Committee Charge

Campus Safety Committee Charge

In the interest of providing a safe and healthy environment at St. Lawrence University for our faculty, staff, student body and visitors, the Campus Safety Committee is charged to:

Receive and evaluate safety problems and concerns; Initiate and conduct investigations; and recommend appropriate corrective or proactive actions to the President on all safety matters affecting the campus community.

The committee is comprised of interested individuals willing to review and evaluate all aspects of campus safety. The committee and committee chairperson are appointed by, and shall report to, the President. The Director of Safety and Security and the Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator co-chair the committee.

Committee members will include individuals with special expertise in chemistry, biology, emergency planning and hazardous materials handling. The Radiation Safety/Laser Safety Officer is a permanent member of the committee. The committee will include representatives from the faculty, administration, student body, SEIU (2) and CSEA (2).

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety participates in an ex-officio position and serves as a resource for independent inquiry investigation of problems and proposed remedies at the request of the committee. The committee may also inquire into the procedures of managers and supervisors in matters related to provision and maintenance of safe working environments. The committee collects information, discusses issues and, if necessary, makes recommendations for corrective or preventative actions to the President.

Regular meetings are held on a monthly basis during the academic year with minutes recorded. Copies are forwarded to the President, each member and, upon request, to any member of the University community. Minutes are also posted on the EHS website. Dates and locations will be publicized at least seven days in advance of regular meetings that are open to any member of the campus community. Matters requiring the attention of the committee can be directed to any member.


Revised 3/2019