Shakespeare | St. Lawrence University English


The American Shakespeare Center will once again be visiting campus for the 2018/2019 tour.

Inquiries regarding tickets can be directed to  The box office telephone number is 315-229-5748.

Tickets go on sale September 15, 2018 so mark your calendars!

To reserve tickets, please click here.

10/5/18 - "The Winter's Tale" - 7:30 pm performance

Shakespeare’s magnificent late play is a roller-coaster ride from romance to tragedy to comedy and finally to a place of transcendent beauty that few other works of art have ever gone. “A sad tale’s best for winter,” but after unleashing a wintry tempest onto his characters, Shakespeare ultimately conjures spring’s miraculous rebirth.

10/6/18 - "The Comedy of Errors" - 7:30 performance

In this rollicking farce, Shakespeare elevates Roman comedy to dizzying heights. Two long-separated twins, their two tricky servants (also twins), a jealous wife, and her lovelorn sister romp through this fast-paced comedy. Filled with mistaken identities and slapstick humor, The Comedy of Errors will have audiences laughing from the first confusion to the last.

10/7/18 - "Antigone" - 5:30 pm performance

In the aftermath of her brothers’ bloody war, Antigone is left torn. Her brother Eteocles will be honored, but her brother Polyneices will be shamed and denied funeral rites. In this ancient tale, Antigone stands for morality in spite of punishment as one of the earliest heroines in drama. Sophocles’s drama from 441 BC holds startling relevance today, examining divinity, obedience, and law – and how love overcomes them all.

All performances will be held in Peterson-Kermani Hall located in the Griffiths Arts Center.