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Career Success

Navigating careers

As an English (or Humanities) major, you can explore the entire world. The skills you develop as an English major will make you one of the most sought after graduates for employers. 

Study after study reveals that English majors possess all of the skills employers seek: we fair better than our science major counterparts, for example, in income and finding jobs right out of college. 

In this section of the website, you and your parents will find information about the careers English majors "typically" pursue: the first few years after graduating and in the long-term once you find your vocation. While you are prepared for any field, it is up to you to decide how you want to contribute to the world. That's the joy of learning to give back and helping others be it in the classroom, boardroom, or floor of a newsroom. 

In another section you will find explicit instructions on how to find a job. As a humanities major, you will conduct a multi-tiered approach to seeking a career. This is both extra work but also a gift of self-discovery that most majors usually only discover in their retirement. 

The career guide is meant for students wanting to pursue careers in the more traditional sense: working for corporations, non-profits, and start-ups. For those of you who want to publish your novel or screenplay, you'll most likely need to attend an MFA program. At that program they will have courses in how to publish your work as well as publishers who visit your program seeking out new works. Plus, you can google plenty of sites on how to find an agent, etc. MFA programs provide you these opportuntiies. Many SLU students publish their works, too, without attending MFA programs. Ask your creative writing professors for specifics if you are close to completing a work of art ready for commercialization. 

Another section, primarily for parents, contains a number of research studies and surveys outlining why English majors are indeed "successful" in the normative sense of making money, earning prestigious titles, and advancing the corporate ladder. We not only rock these normative metrics, but we also enjoy the journey.