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American Shakespeare Center presents - Othello

10/11/13 7:30pm to 10:00pm, 10/12/13 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Sykes Common


Stuff that happens in the play

  • Roderigo, who is in love with Desdemona, complains because his friend Iago has not told him that Othello the Moor has eloped with her.
  • Iago reveals that he hates Othello because he chose Michael Cassio to be his lieutenant over Iago.
  • Iago encourages Roderigo to rouse Desdemona’s father, Brabantio, and “incense her kinsmen” about the elopement.
  • Brabantio is outraged.  He seeks out Othello, accuses him of using magic to steal Desdemona, and threatens to take him to prison.
  • The Duke and senators have received word that the Turks are sending an invasion fleet to Cyprus.  They decide to send “the valiant Moor” to fortify the island.
  • Brabantio arrives at the Duke’s council-chamber wanting Desdemona to accuse Othello of wrongdoing.  Instead, Desdemona publicly declares her love for her new husband.
  • The Duke commands Othello to leave that night for Cyprus. “Honest Iago” and his wife, Emilia, will take Desdemona to Cyprus to join her husband.
  • Iago advises Roderigo to “make money” and go with them to Cyprus where Desdemona will surely tire of the Moor.
  • Iago devises a plan to convince Othello that Cassio is “too familiar” with Desdemona.
  • Because of bad weather, Cassio’s ship arrives first in Cyprus; followed by Iago and Desdemona’s ship; and, finally, Othello’s ship.  They discover that the “wars are done, the Turks are drowned.”
  • Iago tells Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio and that, if Roderigo will pick a fight with Cassio:  Iago will inflame the conflict into a mutiny, Cassio will be stripped of his office, and Desdemona will be available for Roderigo.
  • Iago puts his plan into action by getting Cassio drunk and inciting a public brawl.  Othello stops the brawl and strips Cassio of his office.
  • As part of his scheme to make Othello suspect that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair, Iago encourages Cassio to ask Desdemona if she will plead with Othello to restore Cassio’s office.
  • Handkerchief mischief, epileptic fits, slapping, slicing, and smothering ensue.