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American Shakespeare Center presents - The Merry Wives of Windsor

10/12/13 12:00am to 2:00am
Sykes Common

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Stuff that happens in the play

  • Justice Robert Shallow and his young relative Abraham Slender arrive at their friend Master Page’s house to confront the notorious Sir John Falstaff who has “beaten my men, killed my deer, and broke open my lodge.”  Sir Hugh Evans accompanies Justice Shallow in an effort to mediate the dispute.
  • Justice Shallow and Slender meet Falstaff in front of Page’s house.  Falstaff defuses the situation and joins the Pages for dinner.
  • Justice Shallow, Sir Hugh, and Master Page attempt to match the reluctant Slender with Master Page’s daughter, Anne.
  • At the Garter Inn, Falstaff tells his men that he is low on money.
  • He devises a scheme to woo Mistress Ford and Mistress Page to get at their husbands’ money.
  • Sir Hugh sends Slender’s servant, Peter Simple, to Mistress Quickly to ask for her help in wooing Anne Page for Slender.  The idea backfires when Mistress Quickly’s employer, Dr. Caius (who is trying to woo Anne for himself), finds Simple at his house.  Dr. Caius challenges Sir Hugh to a duel.
  • Fenton, another suitor to Anne Page, also comes to Mistress Quickly for help in wooing Anne.
  • Mistress Page and Mistress Ford receive identical love letters from Falstaff. They plot how to get revenge on the lecherous knight.
  • Falstaff’s men, Pistol and Nym, betray Falstaff by telling Master Ford and Master Page about Falstaff’s efforts to seduce their wives.
  • Jealousy, disguises, dunkings, fairies, and reconciliations ensue.