Ms. Susan Todd | St. Lawrence University Education

Ms. Susan Todd

Todd, Susan
Class year: 
Class of 2001
Heuvelton, NY

Current Position: Superintendent of Heuvelton Central School, Heuvelton, NY

Position held since: July 1, 2006

Previous Employment:
- Elementary Principal/District CSE Chairperson, Heuvelton Central School (July 2005-June 2006)
- Teacher at AAK Middle School (January 1989 to June 2005)

Educational Background:
- Liberal Arts Associates Degree: SUNY College at Canton (Program completion: May 1986; Summa Cum Laude; GPA: 3.9)
- BA/MS Honors Program: SUNY College at Potsdam, An accelerated program, completing both degrees concurrently 
- MS in Education; BA in English Literature and Education; Teacher Certification: N--6  (Program completion: December 1988; Summa Cum Laude; GPA: 3.93)
- NYS School District Administrator Certification: St. Lawrence University (Awarded Graduate Assistantship from St. Lawrence University for 2000-2001: Program completion May 2001; GPA: 4.0)

My St. Lawrence Experience:  
I feel blessed to have received a Graduate Assistantship from St. Lawrence University, which afforded me the opportunity to complete course work for the EDAD certification program while working as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. James Shuman who was the Department of Education Coordinator at SLU at the time. It was extremely rewarding Co-teaching Education 301: Observations and Principals of Teaching in the Secondary Schools with Dr. Shuman as well as participating in the EDAD course work during the Fall Semester of 2000 and Spring Semester of 2001.  The faculty and support staff at St. Lawrence provided a very friendly climate to work and learn in.  Course work was engaging and allowed the opportunity to develop professional relationships with other educators who were pursuing certification as an Educational Administrator.  Several of those classmates as well as professors who taught the courses developed into close friendships.  My connection to SLU continues as an adjunct professor for EDAD 586-01: Issues in School District Leadership.  I am truly grateful for the opportunities St. Lawrence University has provided for me.