Ms. Emily Soderquist | St. Lawrence University Education

Ms. Emily Soderquist

Emily S.
Class year: 
Class of 2016
Watertown, NY

Current Position: Samaritan Experience Manager at Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown, NY

Position held since: May 23, 2016

Previous Employment:
SLU Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Watertown High School JV Girls lacrosse coach, Modified Boys swim coach, Varsity Girls Swimming Assistant coach
Watertown YMCA Home School PE teacher and Blue Shark Swim Team coach

Educational Background:
Associate’s degree in Math and Science from Jefferson Community College [Watertown, NY]
B.S. Wellness Management , Athletic Coaching minor, SUNY Oswego [Oswego, NY]
M.S Ed. Education Leadership, St. Lawrence University [Canton, NY]

My St. Lawrence Experience:
After a call from Head Coach Ashley Pike only a couple weeks before Field Hockey started, I packed up my things and headed to Canton. I had never coached field hockey before, and it was an amazing opportunity and experience working with head coach Fran Grembowicz. Lacrosse yielded its own amazing opportunities from recruiting, and developing fitness plans, to evolving into the defensive coordinator. I work with an extraordinary group of young women that I will truly miss. I can not thank our Athletic Directors Margie Strait and Bob Durocher for allowing me the opportunity to work and learn at SLU. Not only was it a phenomenal professional experience but a great educational one as well. The Educational Leadership track allowed our leadership skills to evolve but in the direction that we needed them to, and while I am still learning the multi faceted nature of my current position at Samaritan Medical Center, I am confident that I have developed, and will continue to develop the skills necessary to be successful. I accredit my two years at St. Lawrence as two of the best of my life, and I think that the majority of people that get to spend any time there at all, will agree with me. Once a Saint, always a Saint.