Mr. Greg Kreitzer

Kreitzer, G.
Mr. Greg Kreitzer
Class of 2014
Syracuse, NY

Current Position: Head Women’s Tennis and Assistant Squash Coach at St. Lawrence University

Position held since: August 2013

Previous Employment:
Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach at St. Lawrence University (2012-2013)
Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach at Allegheny College (2011-2012)
Camp Counselor and Unit-Head at Camp Seneca Lake (2007-2012)

Educational Background:
St. Lawrence University—Canton, NY. M. Ed. in Educational Leadership (December, 2014)
Hamilton College—Clinton, NY B.A. in Economics and Communications (May, 2011)

My St. Lawrence Experience:
Studying in the graduate program was helpful because there was a great amount of practical information that we studied that helped me in the profession of coaching.   Studying part-time in the education department and learning about the qualities of great leaders helped me in my job as a coach at St. Lawrence.   Several classes were very relatable to my job as a coach—including one where students were required to read case studies and then make difficult decisions as leaders often have to make.  I found that the professors were understanding of the busy schedules of graduate students and made themselves accessible outside of class time when needed.  The Program Coordinator who also teaches in the department, Bill Collins, is one of the most caring and passionate teachers I’ve ever had and would encourage anyone to take a class with him.